A way of looking at the world though a feminine lens that views men as objects of financial gain. Female gaze is a superficial way of evaluating others by determining their perceived value by overt displays of wealth through clothing, automobiles, or other possessions rather than innate qualities or simple human dignity. Like male gaze, it is rooted in primary social needs and is part of the human experience (and occurs regardless of gender).
We were really hitting it off at the party, and then I saw her friend check out my shoes. When she asked me what kind of car I drove, I knew I failed the female gaze of her group of friends.
by Maneemanym February 25, 2020
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“female gaze” isn’t a thing. always stupid white girls trying to make slang and it always backfires in their faces. the only reason people are talking about it is because other girls are jealous that boys have a “male gaze” and we don’t have jack shit.
👩 🦳 : kevin is the epitome of the female gaze!!
👩 🦰 : it’s not even a thing stop trying to make it happen..
by fedupwiththem December 1, 2022
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See: Jospeh Quinn.

Most of the population is under his spell.

A man who has the heart of gold, and is truly captivating.
"Your wife loves Joseph Quinn?"
"Yes, the female gaze strikes again"
by EvermoreDarkly13 August 14, 2022
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media from the uncritical perspective of a white female, one in particular who hasn't examined her privilege. often employs the white saviour trope, with little-to-no understanding of poverty &/or class differences; likely het & cis. often rife with internalised misogyny and coloniser attitudes. likely uses ableist terms to describe the (likely white, female, thin, conventionally pretty, etc) main character's uniqueness.

examples in media: britta from community, the help, the twilight saga
I thought I would enjoy this TV show, but its white female gaze is overwhelming. There's so much diet racism!
by seagrey August 8, 2020
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The female gaze is how a woman sees other men or women. Lesbians who ha e a female gaze for example see women different to men, seeing them as attractive but focusing more on different elements which make their gaze different to a mans.
That woman is more a female gaze than a male gaze.
by mermaidbarx May 27, 2023
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