national clown day🤡... it’s when all the singles feel like clowns bc they love someone that might not love them back😪
emma has likes a guy sense she was 5 and last year on february 14 he had a gf, this is why she claimed this day as national clown day
by Emma cyr October 15, 2019
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WHENN ALL THE BADDDD BITCHESSSS ARRIVE, IM TALKING ABOUT MY SINGLE BITCHES!! hell yeah .. you show that man what the fuck he lost because ur a baddie ma!! 💅🏼 period
me: february 14??
me: *squeals*
both of us “ITS BAD BITCH DAY
by i’m your inspiration January 07, 2021
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her: hey it's february 14, where's you boyfriend?
him: yeah where
me: *stares and snatches him* here's my boyfriend. where did yours go
by stupid girl with no friends December 07, 2019
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valentine's day, the day where you either are forced to write a corny letter/poem or think of that day you got rejected by your lover......or think about you srsly need to get a freaking girlfriend NAOW!
:::february 14:::
boyfriend: look here's a poem for you (that i found online)
Love can be red, like the intense heat of a passionate kiss
.....the color of sweetness
.....the color of strawberries
Love can be blue, like the comfort we take in a pair of denim jeans
.....the color of strength
.....the color of perfect skies
Love can be yellow, bright and warm like the morning sun the sounds of laughters of children on the merry-go-round the sounds of fun from the boys flying kites in the open

Love can be green, peaceful and serene I can hear your heart beats is the feeling of a loving hand that touch a grieving heart is the whispering of trusting words to a distressing soul
Love can be orange, the loudness of it can drive you up a wall can drive you to sing like nobody is listening can drive you to dance like nobody is watching
Love can be purple, the courage we need to love bravely and unselfishly
.....the moment I first kiss you i know that i am not afraid to risk involvement .....the day the declaration of your love for me was made known to the world

boyfriend: OH FU- *runs*
by asiangirl7 January 24, 2010
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the day when you shall get your booty eaten like groceries
girl: ugh it’s february 14th
guy: take ur pants off and let me eat that booty
by bigsnothoe November 02, 2019
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A day of depression Especially if it’s your birthday it’s pure hell
Me:hey bro it’s February 14
Also me:It’s my birthday bro
Me:Oh that’s shitty
by Allicantfuckingloser November 01, 2019
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