Fuck Bitches Up. Used by one group of girls to threaten another.
"Are you going to that Powderpuff football game tonight?"

"Yeah, the Seniors are gunna fbu!"
by mousefacee November 23, 2009
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Online friend one: I'm gonna run to the store. I'll be back in a few.

Online Friends 2: FBU
by DorianGray April 10, 2008
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Only the greatest football football program out there featuring one of the best line backers in football Donavan Hayes
by Football is great April 24, 2017
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FBU Graduate: primarily educated by reading other's Facebook posts.

Any person (especially millennials) that consistently assert there opinions and points of view based primarily on what they read on Facebook. (or any other type of social media)
Hey, have you ever had a conversation with that asshat Bill?

No, why?

Don't bother. He is clearly an FBU (Facebook University) Graduate.
by Hammr11 November 27, 2017
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