Always there when you need them, kind in any way, if you have a problem in real life you can talk to them, they always know what's best, they know what you want to do, they will always be your best friend they'll never betray you day or night; and the best part is that everyone is lucky to have a online friend.
i'm so lucky i have onlnie friends.

Jewl Jason Amber and Lucas are my best online friends i could ever have.
by jerome_ January 20, 2018
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Someone you only associate with when your Online.
This includes Xbox Live and Playstation network.
Howie: Hey London do you know Shayne?
London: Not really, Hes just an Online Friend
by E-nonymous November 9, 2010
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even doe we are continents apart
and time zones apart
but we still make the time
and hopefully one day we will meet
omg look its the online friends polu and jas
by fuckvalorant March 14, 2022
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an online friend is a piece of shit that you shouldn’t trust.
“don’t make online friends, they’ll end up hurting you👍🏼”
by hi i’m Sara November 9, 2020
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The 2014 fnaf faggot who casually watched porn who says "online friend" in your class and uses liek, -_-, XD and other furry emoticons to describe how his dick doesn't exsist. These people are demented mentally and are fucking special ed kids
my online friend and i are playuijng fortnite and my mom kicked us out because she discovered my furry porn XD
by i hate ppl101 January 31, 2020
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