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Fuck Bitches Up. Used by one group of girls to threaten another.
"Are you going to that Powderpuff football game tonight?"

"Yeah, the Seniors are gunna fbu!"
by mousefacee November 23, 2009
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To reply to a text received while asleep. Usually one word answers or nonsensical responses occur, with misspellings.

Much like sleepwalking, the sleep-texter will not remember the incident until the morning after, upon checking thier sent/inbox.
1. Friend of sleeptexter:"Hey, you're missing an awesome party right now!"

Sleeptexter's response: "Mm yeahg i knsh."

2. "Yeah, I tried texting her last night but she was just sleeptexting back, so it was useless."
by mousefacee December 08, 2009
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Slang for "bro", or "brotha".
How one tool refers to, or greets another.

Hawaii claims the origin of this word, and it may have very well originated there- however it is now used more commonly by self-centered, orange-tanned, pierced, scene, and/or and other type of well-groomed dbag.
"Sup brah?!"

"Nah much man, I just got back from doing something understatedly cool that makes other guys wanna be like me. I think I'll go hang with some other rad brahs tonight, and we can just soak up each others' awesomeness."

"Aight, later brah!"
by mousefacee December 08, 2009
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