FBG aka Freebandz Gang, a record label founded by hip-hop artist "Future".
-yo b you bumpin that new purple reign mixtape?
-fuck ya, FBG for life!
by dirtysoda December 21, 2016
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Fat Bottomed Girl. Speaks for itself. From the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. Note that rather than applying the term in a derogatory sense, as one might think at first, the song actually praises fbgs.
"Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go round."
by Man from Texas January 18, 2005
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a.k.a. fat bottomed girl, a women with wide, voluptuous, curvy, plump hips and ass. The kind of gal who screams squeeze my ass. A women, who, in springtime always makes the two letter word answer to the question "what's up dude?" start with the letter m and end in the e.
I love fbg, it gets my turtle rising.
by nick June 3, 2005
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F*****g bad game. Typed when last game was even worse than bad game.
enemy: You noobs, that was soooo easy win lol
you: fbg
by BoltKey April 22, 2011
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When you and your friend group are flat. Stands for Flat bitch gang.
My friend group is called fbg.
Dont let them know they are in fbg.
by flat bitch gang August 22, 2018
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It means "Fuck Bitches, Get Money".

"Fuck bitches" meaning-Forget them, or they aren't important.
"Get Money" meaning- To get money because that is what is important.
Guy 1- Bro my girl just dumped me, im soo depressed.

Guy 2- Forget her man. FBG$.
by David Feria January 20, 2009
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