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Hypocritical middle-class white people who think they're liberals when they're really just Democrats. Middle class white people who refuse to take off their Happy Magic Fun Privilege Goggles and see the world around them for what it really is. Self-identified "liberals" who remain willfully ignorant of the struggles faced by members of oppressed races and classes, despite being alerted to their blind spots by their peers. Fauxgressives may decline to participate in social justice activities and movements because they live in large cities and believe that racism, classism, ableism and other forms of prejudice and oppression don't exist anymore. Fauxgressives will cling to their ignorance as an excuse to maintain their social, racial and economic privilege.
"The fauxgressives hailed Avatar as the best movie they'd ever seen, despite active public commentary about the racist and ableist themes in the story."
by fatbottom February 11, 2010
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