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A person who claims to be progressive but whose political activity shows the opposite. Often claims to be playing devil's advocate and is known for concern trolling, jaqing off, and talking about how political correctness has gone too far. Their claims to support progressive causes in principle are phony virtue signaling to disguise their unwillingness to do anything personally to further those causes, especially not if it means giving away time, money, or privilege.
I swear 99% of the people who oppose social justice causes are fauxgressives who claim to be "on your side."
by Valerie Morghulis October 08, 2017
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A fake progressive.

A politician, pundit or other political player that pretends to be progressive while actually supporting unprogressive/corporatist policies.
Barack Obama is a fauxgressive. He pretends to be progressive in his campaigning, but he rarely fights for progressive causes and consistently supports corporatist, unprogressive policies.
by DeathByTrolley August 12, 2011
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Someone who hates President Barack Obama and pretends to be a progressive to make the hatred look like it's coming from within the Democratic Party.
Sally has voted Republican for 30 years, but she calls herself a "progressive" now to make it seem like the Democratic Party is splintering. She's a fauxgressive.
by Deej_09 August 20, 2011
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