A huge wad of money, usually 100's and 50's, carried around by ballers, drug dealers, or rich ass bastards
Mann, I jus made a huge deal, and check out my fat stack I got from it
by M Beezy March 5, 2006
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in the military when someone has a lot off ribbons you say they have a fat stack
Damn, that fool has a fat stack of ribbons almost lookin' like Chesty Puller.

Get the fuck out my face boot! When you have a stack as fat as mine then come talk to me.
by 0351 March 20, 2011
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A unit of measurement, in which can be used to measure anything and can also be any quantity just as long as its "fat" in appearance.
Gimme a fat stack of paper!
by Darin Williams March 31, 2008
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A Variation on stacks. Has to do with the handling of a lot of money. ie. X thousands of dollars
We went to Vegas and Jonny B. bet fat stacks.
by JakeThePimp September 29, 2004
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A large amount of something, usually weed or money.
#1 Hey man, i havent blazed up in ages, you got any weed?
#2 Yeh of course, i just got some fat stacks yesterday.

#1 Hey man your wallet's so fat!
#2 Yeh man, i got fat stacks of cash.
by nokturnal15 May 22, 2008
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a term of endearment for naughty wisco peeps
here's your breakfast in bed, fat stacks.
by ziggy stardust May 28, 2005
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expression used by spongebob squarepants' character "patrick the starfish". meaning money
Lemmie get some of that fat stack of cabbage.
by retxab July 9, 2009
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