to make fun of someone even though their not fat
person 1) your fat

person 2) your fat life
by ma dude bra May 23, 2019
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the amount of time it takes for a woman, usually a college girl or a recent post-graduate, to double in size and weight due to excessive eating, drinking, laziness, or a combination of such events.

It works similar to the half-life concept found in science, except it is the exact opposite because women tend to double in size instead of shrink.
As soon as Laura entered college she went from 120 pounds to 240 pounds by the end of her junior year; thus, her fat half-life is 3 years.
by ThatGirlisFat March 26, 2009
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The “weight” you gain when you stop running away from responsibilities and commitment. E.g. mortgage, kids
Brad gained a lot of extra pounds of life fat in the shape of a 3 bedroom semi-detached in the suburbs
by GooseWillis April 20, 2019
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