A fat boy/guy having a reckless summer doing what ever the fuck he wants.
Boiiiii he be having a fat boy summer with that thong on
by Gunttehr August 16, 2019
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Someone who just eats all the time everyday and never excersises or does shit about it. That also listens sad, suicidal or mental ill hip-hop songs and typically wears black or just plain colored clothes everyday and usually feels alone and like being alone and feeling depressed
You are such a fat sad boy
by Fat Sad Boy January 24, 2018
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When an overweight male (commonly between the ages of 5-7) has an autistic outburst mirroring that of someone with schizophrenia. Outbursts usually take place over things that normal people don't get upset about, like what car seat they can sit in. In most cases if you have ever had a triggered fat boy outburst you most likely have no friends and no one likes you.
Guy 1: Man, that guy Thomas is sure acting like a triggered fat boy.

Guy 2: Wow, how come his parents don't hit him with rocks?
by Lil $acob June 19, 2017
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