short for italian "va faire in culo" go fuck yourself in the ass or somethin very close
go fuck yoursefl = va fangul!
by inkakola November 4, 2003
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Fangul! gestured Giovanni, at which point I kicked him in the balls.
by cornholio October 15, 2003
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A gesture, Italian in origin, that originally meant "You are dead to me". It has been construed to it's modern day bastardization meaning "Fuck you". However, it is still used in it's original sense by many Italian families.
Mario - *flips his hand from under his chin*
Enzo - What the fuck man? You don't give your boy the fangul.
Mario - You're dead to me, Enzo.
by Mic Hammer January 17, 2007
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Sicilian-American evolution of the Italian expression "Fa' un culo," which literally means "Do an ass." Many guidos and other not-really-Italian-but-really-wish-I-weres use this a lot. Also, some REAL Italian-Americans too :D
Guido: Eyyyyy Fangul! Dontcha kno who ah AM?!?! IM DA REAL ITALIANO BABY JERSEY SHORR
Italian: Cosa??? Torni al tuo paesi del cazzo.
by VaTiFareFottere October 1, 2011
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Forcing love and care onto a friend or family member that says they don't want it.

Forced care.
I don't care if you're upset and don't want a hug. You're getting this fangulation.
by Zeke_The_Legend June 18, 2022
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