Your siblings' spouse's family or your spouse's siblings' spouse's family are your family-in-law. (ie- no blood or marriage ties, yet somehow still family.)
My sister's nephews by marriage are my family-in-law. OR
My brother-in-law's wife's family is my family-in-law. OR
My sister's in-laws are my family-in-law.
by cindy-gator March 16, 2011
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An extortion racket whereby children are taken from fathers as an excuse to justify taking his wealth and income, with the proceeds divided between the mother and lawyers.
The difference between kidnapping and family law is that kidnappers sometimes give the children back after they get the money.
by tarelasi October 9, 2007
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Divorce Law. The branch of law specializing in dividing families. An oxymoron.
Here at Profitt, Fromyer, and Versity we specialize in Family Law.

So you're all about wrenching families asunder?

I plead the fifth.
by Slumdog January 20, 2009
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