the best animated show ever created. better than south park, better than futurama, even better than the simpsons. brought back to tv (thank the almighty lord Peter, healer of Quahog) thanks to the best dvd sales for a tv series ever! revolves around the life of peter griffin and his family; lois, stewie,brian (the talking dog) chris and meg. as quagmire would say, alllllright.
wow this is more intense than that time i forgot how to sit down.
by miglington June 01, 2005
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One of the best T.V. shows created of all time. Ultimately the most comical cartoon sitcom invented.

Created by Seth McFarlane, containing a wonderful cast of:
The Family:
Peter Griffin (father), Louis Griffin (mother), Meg Griffin (daughter), Chris Griffin (oldest son), Stewie Griffin (youngest son), Brian Griffin (talking dog).

Can never forget Glen Quagmire and his sex crazy life. He has even once gotten is 'slutty-women-prober' stuck in a window.
The new season of Family Guy is finally playing. Fox network on Sunday nights at 9:00PM EST. Be there or....well...be freakin square.
by The Toilet Monster June 18, 2005
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A sexual position that involves a guy having sex with a woman while she is in labor, unbeknownst to the dude beforehand.
Me and my wife decided to have anal sex, but then a baby started popping out of her.

I had just performed the "Family Guy"
by Mr Happy Poop Fart Dick October 10, 2010
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The greatest show on Earth.. Seriously.. It stars Peter, 42 (when the show started) Lois (40), Chris (13), Meg (16)Brian (?) and Stewie (1). A clever show which uses other sitcoms and such to add to its humorous ways. A show that probably half of America didn't even know existed until season 4 was put on the air. Mostly everyone loves Stewie, the maniacal 1-year-old baby who later through the series turns away from world domination and more towards his homosexual side. But like before, most people claim they know everyone about FG, when in reality, they only watch the season 4 episodes every once in awhile.
Person 1: Yo, I know everything about Family Guy! Just go ahead and ask!!!

Person 2:Who is Brian's cousin? What's Stewie's middle name? How old is Peter? Who is Greg the Weather Mime? Where did Brian go to college? How did the evil monkey in Chris's closet turn evil?

Person 1: How the hell am I supposed to know those?!?! Those weren't on Family Guy!

Person 2: Dunce! Stop watching just season 4!
by Tailswune November 26, 2005
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the greatest frickin show ever made! IT's so funny it will make you shart yourself!
When you're cartoon network at 11.30 and you feel a warm spot in your pants because Peter Griffin just said something hilarious like;
Whoa, whoa,whoa,Whoa, whoa,whoa,Whoa, whoa,whoa,Whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa......this isn't my batman cup!
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