1. a tube

2. a term used to emasculate males who are deemed inferior
"damn it Riley, you are such a fallopian tube!"
by SmartGuysDontHaveIdeologies October 23, 2018
The act in which a male releases his throat yogurt inside of a girl with no regard to whether or not she gets pregnant.
by You're Mom69 October 26, 2009
The thing that you are attatched to your bellybutton with your mums vag vag. Also frequently used for whacking people on the head with it and threatening to rip their Fallopian tube off.
Fallopian boy- a kid who is way to attached to his mother
"I will hit you with a fallopian tube"
"I will rip your fallopian tube out"
by MYSTERYFAL April 22, 2010
Fallopian Tube Day is August 15th for all tumblr users. On this day, you should do what is called "fallopian tube" people. You can do this by simply messaging them: "You've been fallopian tubed!"
"Hey, man! Let's reblog fallopian tubes on tumblr because it is Fallopian Tube Day!"
by tumblr user August 15, 2012
This is the tightest a woman can feel for her male partner.
Dude, I had Fallopian tube sex with that girl and it was the tightest I’ve ever had.
by Scottsdale hound January 19, 2020
Similar to "suck my dick", but feminised.
Allan: I hear you had some fun on Saturday night... **wiggles eyebrows suggestively**
Nicole: Oh, suck my fallopian tube!
by Jade17996 July 26, 2008