One of the worst 'punk' bands that I have ever had the displeasure of seeing on every emo magazine cover in North America.
Fall Out Boy is shit.

Guy One: Man, Fall Out Boy is so hardcore punk.
Guy Two: Haha, you like Fall Out Boy, you emo poser punk.
Guy One: I'm going to go cut myself now.
by Generic To WIn November 21, 2005
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A terrible band that somehow managed to hop on the gravy train that MTV rides around the country while making crappy shows. They are led by a singer who sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles and a paper sack on his head, some idiot who jumps off of things and forgets to play his instrument because he has actually figured out he has no talent and might as well still try to have fun while not looking like a fool (he fails at that), and a few other members who are of no noteworthy talent.

While anyone with even a drop of taste in music will dismiss them as anything more than garbage, many people have been fooled by the obvious voice and sound enhancements that are used to make their CDs worth anything more than cup coasters. These people, are of course, the same people who believe Lindsay Lohan, The Blackeyed Peas, Outkast, and some other singers who fall into this talentless dumpster are good.

They are 95% religiously defended by girls who follow whatever is trendy but have no opinion of their own, and the 5% of guys who put up with the crappy music in order to get in said girls' pants. (just check out the names of those that defend them on this site, almost all girls)
Friend 1 : Wow, I just experienced the worst thing ever in my life...
Mr. Bruce : And that would be?
Friend 1 : Fall Out Boy. *begins to vomit bucket loads*
Mr. Bruce : I'll call 9-1-1 right away!

Friend 2 : Hey Bruce! I just got that Fall Out Boy cd my girlfriend has been telling me about and it rocks!.
Mr. Bruce : *right eye twitches as he tries to comprehend what he just heard*
Ex-Friend 2 : Yah, We're gonafa derrdowww ddOWWWgw inga aeari *is silenced abruptly by a fist to the mouth*
Ex-Friend 2's Girlfriend : I can't believe you hit him for loving such an aweso... *is also silenced by a fist*
by Mr. Bruce October 12, 2006
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absolutely the WORST band that ever has and ever will roam this earth. My dream is to one day chop and slice these gay ass wannabes. Anyone who thinks fall out boy is music is either mentally challenged or was dropped on their heads numerous times when they were little.
gimme an "S" , gimme a "U", gimme a "C", gimme a "K", gimme a "Y", whats that spell.....FALL OUT BOY! (fall out boy is not punk you fuckin emos!)
by aardwolf December 24, 2005
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Great band that has amazing lyrics. Made up of Patrick: vocals, guitar; Pete: bass; Joe: guitar; and Andy: drums.
Music is defined as softcore, pop punk, or emo.
From Chicago, Illinios.
Fall Out Boy has four CD's already, and another one due May 3rd!
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Fall Out Boy is one of the biggest upsets to music in the face of the earth. I could make better music using a group of grab assing transvestites that were having sex. The lead singers high pitched voice annoys the shit out of both the audiences and the people that pay 1 dollar a song. Personally i think i could make better music out of my ass. Some may think i am on crack, but i say GO N*Stink
Dude that fall out boy concert was the biggest waste of 60 dollars i have ever spent. Dude i know, that lead singer sounded like a constapated antelope. I hope i never have to sit through one of those again...
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a band that fucking sucks. maybe even a peg down from simple plan.
fag. lets listen to fall out boy.
straigh guy. do u wanna die cuz ill kill you right here.
by fat louis November 27, 2005
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