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The new generation of women who all look orange, but when you wake up next to them they blend in with the daz white sheets. Some "men" have begun to apply fake tan, refered to as ametrosexual or a gay
Look at that bird over there, she looks like she's been tangoed.
by iguanapunk May 13, 2004

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to shag a dirty bird, otherwise known as a dog.
bloke1: I'm so pissed right now, i'd give that dog a bone.
bloke2: That's your mum for fucks sake you sick bastard!
by iguanapunk May 31, 2004

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The insertion of the head into the anus of another.
Excuse me love, would you mind greasing up your arse hole so I can shove my head up there, thanks.
by iguanapunk June 20, 2004

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Used to describe something that is great. Made popular and used by wankers who have watched the film 'Human Traffic'
twat1: Nice one brother
twat2: Fukin nice one
twat1: Nice one!
twat2: Nice one!
by iguanapunk May 23, 2004

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What americans do as a passtime. Get fake bits and piecies, things pumped, sucked, tightened and cut.
american 1: I'm playing a bit of tennis today, how about you?
american2: I'm going to have a bit of surgery, I haven't been a whole week you know!
american1: damn, this big mac is lovely.
by iguanapunk May 29, 2004

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A girl who's got a great body, but when she's got a fucked up face.
Watch the Aphex Twin video Window Licker to know what i'm on about.
"Look at the arse on that!" "Urrgh! look at the face on that! RUN!"
by iguanapunk March 29, 2004

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