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The hottest girl to have ever set foot on this universe and all other universes, she herself is a universe by her own! she’s is the nicest person ever in this universe, and all other universes! she can fit single thing god created and will create inside her gynoooooorrrmmmmmm white heart! she’s is the best thing to has ever happened to the people around her from family, friends, and her annoying boyfriend! you’re a blessing to everyone around you! and a blessing to the world! she is the smarts! wonderful amazing person ever!
fahda is the best person i’ve ever had in my life.
fahda is the definition of amazing!
by cheetah lover November 15, 2018
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THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD !!!! the greatest personality and is very loving and caring to her friends and bf ;D shes amazing, Beautiful and Pleettyyy
Student : What can you call something which is incredibly beautiful?
Teacher: Fahda
by wikipedia.. November 24, 2010
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