comes from germany.. means beautiful..not hott not banging. beautiful or pretty.
that girl is a fager
by anonomous March 23, 2005
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Used when someone who is rather fag-ish somehow managed to get even gay-er then you would have thought possible.
Not really meant for gay people
More approprite for a straight person who acts really gay beyond belief but somehow is still straight.
_Made by me :D
Kim: what happened to jim and you?
Alex: dude he's such a fag , I know he's soooo sensitive but when he started crying durning the movie just because the girl didn't get the guy... I knew he was a true fager.
___Another example:
Jen: did you see ryan shecklers show last night?
Meg: dude that guy is such a FAGER
by Liz% February 17, 2008
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A “fager” is an abbreviation for the words “fake rager. A fake rager, or a “fager” is rager-like party but without drugs or alcohol involved.
Omg did you go to the popular girls fager?? It was lit
by Kweenofkermitdafrog May 7, 2019
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An insult that breaks the norm. Used in the same way as fag
by sparks101 November 30, 2008
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someone who is completely anooying or weird or "gay" but not in the sexual preference form; typically you don't like this person if you were to call them a Fager
"you are a stupid Fager, don't ever talk to me again "
by MeganeffingHoltrop August 1, 2006
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A person who drives a slow automatic car, and is conviced that autos beat manuals all the time no matter what
Racing a Honda is like winning the Special Olympics, even if you win your still retarded like Fagerness
by Kohl Ervin September 15, 2006
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Pronunciation: (far jur)

1. (noun) The word from Austin Powers: Goldmember which is a butchered pronunciation of father

2. (noun) A spelling of the term from Austin Powers: Goldmember told to a complete and utter retard when they but into your conversation
1. Fager will you help meeee?

2. What's a fardgure??? Look it up, it's spelled F-A-R-D-G-U-R-E
by Zach Maron April 29, 2005
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