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The act of using facebook via a mobile device whilst sitting on the toilet.
Hey Todd, were you on your iPod touch while you were taking a shit?

Yeah, I was faceshitting.. Check out my new status
by toddrabies September 08, 2010
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Using a mobile device, ipad, laptop or any other means of accessing and using facebook while sitting on the toilet and defecating.
Melissa commented on her friend's status while faceshitting.
by rickabone January 25, 2011
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def. The act of defecating upon another's facial region, visage, or depiction.

A specific threat meant to coerce others into doing one's bidding.

alternative forms: face-shat
His face looked so clean and unblemished, I felt the need to shit upon it.

God, I'm sure in a face-shitting mood today!

If you don't (make me a sandwich, write me that essay, etc.) right this instant I'm going to shit on your face!
by ShitRipper December 03, 2010
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Facetiming on the apple products while taking a shit. This is done with usually the iPod or iPad, However it is also done with the iPhone
Me: Hey could you stop texting me and FaceTime me

You: Sure

You: Wtf are you Faceshitting!?!

Me: Ya so...
by Clone54 February 08, 2014
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