facemail = (noun or verb) the message or sending of messages through facebook's inbox system (instead of an email program.)

*(spacemail = myspace's message system)
Got to go check my facemail.

I'll facemail you later.
by mythmargaret May 26, 2009
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The emails you send/receive via Facebook.
I spent all night on facemail with the hot chick I met last week, she is soooooooo dirty, I hope we hook up!
by SFJH September 6, 2007
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to meet someone,usually after a relationship that started with emails or instant messaging
Ok babe,we been gettin it on for a while online now.Hows about you and me do a little facemail?say,tomorrow lunchtime?
by stevoo0011 October 9, 2006
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The message that comes in private message via Facebook.
She Facemailed me the directions to the party because she didn't want everyone to know where it was.
by Jenjosie October 15, 2011
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When you tag people you want to shame so they'll do something they should actually do.
I beat the hell out of my own car driving around the state, so I facemailed my boss into providing me with a company car.
by HigherthanaMile July 16, 2013
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the large amout of emails you get from facebook
after posting those pics from my birthday, i got like 700000 facemails
by jencat13 February 15, 2009
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