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One who is active within the realm of Facebook but never allows him or herself to be seen as "online"
Notifications - John Doe commented on your status. < one minute ago

Online Friends (0)

"John Doe is such a facebook ninja!"
by Shinejah January 31, 2009
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Someone skilled in the art of shadow netting; Appearing in facebook messages or pictures without owning an account. A Facebook Ninja can never be "tagged" and never appears on a wall. Therefore, they are one with the shadows of the internet and are needless of an account.
"Drew should just get an account already so I can write on his wall!" "He doesn't need to, he is a facebook ninja..."
by Drewanium February 22, 2008
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One who skillfully and stealthily changes others' Facebook statuses when they accidentally leave their computer on while they are sleeping, temporarily away getting coffee, etc.
Cheryl: Hey look at Matt's last status update...reads off computer screen: "I think Justin Bieber is really cute! <3 <3 <3" This doesn't make sense. Matt's not gay!

Victoria: That must be the work of a Facebook ninja.
by FuctButSects October 16, 2010
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1.(Noun) A term used for when you don't want to talk to someone but they instant message you over facebook. You then proceed to not let your presence known, and go into a ninja hiding position.
2. (Noun) A term for someone who does not appear to be online facebook, but goes around and comments on everyone's wall.
3. (Noun) A term for someone who is not in the social networking exchange known as facebook, but is tagged in pictures and messages.
"Hey Daniel ;) "
*Oh God, do I really have to talk to her?*
*5 minutes later with no response*
"Daniel, stop being a ball-less facebook ninja and talk to me!"

Kelly commented on Daniel's status
"What? Kelly's online? But she's not on my 'online' list.... what a facebook ninja."

*looking at a friend's picture with a hot chick in it*
"Oh wow, who is SHE?"
*searches for her, can't find her*
"Dang it! She's a stupid facebook ninja! Gah!"
by ncmo April 04, 2010
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One who responds to posts, comments, etc n ridiculously short amounts of time; One who responds to every thread that appears.
Sarah: I hate driving WTF!? 1 min ago
Gary: me too! 1 min ago
Sarah: gary, what are you, some kind off facebook ninja?
by Denis Potvin October 30, 2009
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Main Entry: 1ninja(Past ninja-ed, Present ninja-ing, 3rd person present singular ninja-s)
Pronunciation: nin’ja
Function: Verb
Etymology: Sino-Japanese reading of Shinobi, meaning to steal away.

1 : To lurk in the shadows of facebook, stealthily accessing embarrassing notes and wall posts.
2 : A less creepy way of saying stalk or lurk.

The dawn of the 21st century saw the emergence of one of the creepiest inventions known to man; Social networking. So creepy, in fact, that on a top 10 list of Creepiest Things in the World, it would probably sit steadfast in number 3. Behind Japanese adult toys and giant pillows with naked anime characters on them.
Sam: What are you up to?
John: Oh, nothing, just ninjaing on facebook.
Sam: Damn I should have known you are the Facebook Ninja!
by February 05, 2010
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One who has a Facebook Account, adds nearly anyone who makes a friend request, only checks or updates their account with information sparingly and then disappears again for an extended period of time.
Bob uses his Facebook Account like a one night stand, he hits it and runs. He is a Facebook Ninja.
by dyslexicanaboko July 01, 2011
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