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(fuh see bo) n., (pl. -bos,-boes)

1 an acquaintance established solely through social networking systems that otherwise would have remained some totally unknown person somewhere on the planet

2 one of the millions you have no f***ing clue about past Farmville

3 an innocuous and superficial relationship or connection in lieu of a real one
Instead of going out, they prefer to stay at home and hang with their facebos.
by Luckyo115 October 23, 2011
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A compound of the word PLACEBO, and the first six letters of the word FACEBOOK
1. Pretending to be one way on Facebook, but actually being another. 2. A person who wants to be your friend on FACEBOOK, but in real life will shun you.

Pronounced Fa See Bo
George:I got a friend request from Gennifer, but I didn't accept her because she is such a FLACEBO.

Fred: I hear you! outside of Facebook, she never says a word to me.
by daryl lick April 16, 2011
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The false euphoric feeling of awesomeness that one gets when a lot of people like their status on Facebook.
Tracy thought she was so cool for her last status, until she figured out it was just Facebo.
by Codusthered August 17, 2011
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