1) One with commendable broadcasting abilities, yet an appearance of far lesser appreciation.

2) a polite and indirect way of saying ugly.
Wow, that was great, but you people have a face for radio. I know what, we'll get two guys to mime to this music in the videos, and call it milli vanilli
by Gumba Gumba April 5, 2004
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For real - this saying came out at the advent of television. All the radio stars were flippin 'cause they knew they weren't going to be able to make the switch to TV, 'cause they has a "face for radio". Which is why they are largely forgotten.
Jack Benny was pretty good looking and made it to TV, but Fred Allen had a "face for radio", and never really made it. Did you know Fred was the Howard Stern of his day? He too was pulled from the air a few times.
by Pitt Cairn July 11, 2004
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a Band that rocks!! made up of all walks of the music spectrum, fusing elements of upbeat classic and current pop punk with the subtle sounds of anything "Core" you can think of.
see and listen to
a face for radio on myspace
by a fan and a female May 23, 2010
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a person who has an incredible personality or amazing voice but doesn't have the high "necessary" looks to be appealing in tv, broadway, or the movies. As a result most said individuals go to become radio talk show hosts/dj's and are usually successful.

also used to describe someone with a nice character and/or body but a poor face

see: Ted Williams
read: beauty is only skin deep

usually a term used to derogatorily call someone ugly/really ugly
bro: Daamn, I hear that b*tch in the library has a fine-ass booty!

guy: you heard correctly, she also has quite the stunning personality.

bro: she got a man?

guy: sadly she does not, bro.

bro: what da fuck ya mean "sadly", hell na I'm ahbout to introduce that fine-ass to my big di--

guy: bro, bro please do not misunderstand I merely mean to inform that she has a face made for radio.

bro: a what? what da fuck is a damn face for radio?

guy: uh? how would you say... a buttah face?

bro: aw shit, really? damn.
by conciergevii August 29, 2011
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When you have a sack full and unload the lot over you partners face. They then have a face like a plasters radio.
by akira1310 March 17, 2018
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