your most definitely going to say this when you get fucked for the first tiime
by bitchboysaga6969 January 20, 2021
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More serious form of "fuck" used in the context of negative, or positive, events.
Fuckkk! I crashed my car!

Fuckkk, he left me for my sister?!?!

Fuckkk, my kid has cerebral palsy?!

Fuckkk, that ass is big homie, check it out!
by da_infamous_cole August 19, 2009
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Term in which was created by Mikel The Dime Rabadi. Used in either Shitty situations or good situations or just flat out fuckkk situations. Term can be used really in any situation as long as verified by the Dime himself.
Person 1: Hey Bro, did gou hear Mcdonald’s is adding more oreos to their mcflurrys!!

Person 2: Fuckkk
by Mikel The Dime Rabadi February 9, 2021
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