f/c means face checking. It is used in League of Legends.

It means: if you need to check some place that you don't have vision at and you dont have any wards you have to just go there and look there by your own body. It may be very dangerous situation because enemies can be waiting there for you to come.
Hey, don't f/c you are easy target!
Go and f/c there we need to have vision
by KeegaNcz April 20, 2020
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Away From Controller
In a Halo match but not really playing
When playing Halo, finding out your teammates or the opponets are there but not at the controller. Resulting in frustration or happyness, depending on who is A F Cing
by Nickdp676 November 03, 2008
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Can sometimes be spelled fc, or F.C., but most commonly spelled as FC. FC is a group of hoodlums that wreaks havoc on innocent bystanders. If you see FC written somewhere they have probably struck there. They like to break into peoples houses and they doesnt afraid of anything. Thats why I bought a dog.
Todd: David!, someone has spray painted
"F C" on your garage door.
David: Todd is that you?
by Mistah David Levine January 13, 2009
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F. C. Barcelona is the worlds best football club.
F. C. Barcelona keeps trashing the opponents - don't really need to pick out a single match because it happens everytime! Just watch their games.
by Barcelista June 13, 2010
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San Francisco California or San Francisco City

"Don't Give no bammer weed. We don't smoke that shit in the S F C."-RBL Posse (*RBL-Ruthless By Law)
-Rap group from the Hunters Point District of San Francisco, CA

"Yeah we got faggots but they stayin' on their side of town. I'm from the city(S F C) where that violent shit is goin' down." - Cougnut (R.I.P.)
-Rapper from the Lake View District of San Francisco, CA

"Born and raised in tha S, F, to tha C."

SF Ceeya.
by Bay Slang February 20, 2008
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