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F. C. Barcelona is the worlds best football club.
F. C. Barcelona keeps trashing the opponents - don't really need to pick out a single match because it happens everytime! Just watch their games.
by Barcelista June 13, 2010
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Professional European football player David Villa (pronunciation in english: Dahveed Veeah).

Currently playing on club level for wonderful F. C. Barcelona in Spain in La Liga (also called Primera Division) and has been a consistent player for the Spanish national team (with the number 7 on his shirt).

Villa is commonly known and also very famous for his ability to make bitchfaces.

Villa has been awarded 1st place in the "bitchface" category and is without arguing and the leading expert in his field. (See winning pictures on www.kickette.com).

Villa has therefore been given the name "Señor Bitchface".
Google him online and you'll see the pictures with Señor Bitchface (posted on www.kickette.com on a few different occasions) and don't forget to look at Fernando Torres's bitchfaces too while you're at it (2nd place).
by Barcelista June 13, 2010
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Also known as F. C. Barcelona
Just watch Barca play and you'll see that the worlds best football club is F . C. Barcelona.
by Barcelista June 13, 2010
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