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Ezann is a very shy girl. But she can be very fun and exciting too if she’s comfortable with u . She’s very popular and a lot of people loves her . But she has lots of hatred , and she’s hurt by it. She keeps it inside and doesn’t tell anyone because she’s afraid of being called “attention seeker” . She’s very beautiful in the inside and out . But she’s very sensitive and insecure. She can don’t be that if her friends are open minded and just tells her the truth. She overthinks a lot because she cares . A lot of boys will go for her , because of her looks and her beautiful smile .
Ezann will treasure everyone , even her enemies and mostly her love ones . She is sensitive and will overthink . But she’s understanding and really caring
by Nateztae April 22, 2018
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She is pretty, kind, nice and sometimes naggy. She can be a very nice friend and will always be there for you. She is a very nice person to hang out with as she will always make sure you are ok.
"You know Ezann from Class A?"
"Yea! The very pretty and awesome girl? Of course i do!"
by Gracey Kool April 20, 2018
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