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It's a realy wierd japanese/chinese/korean involving mostly with anime or manga of an orgasm facial expression. A VERY STUPID ORGASM FACE. They basically have their eyes roll back, tongue out and a very stupid face when they orgasm. It's almost like an eye roll orgasm but with more dummy face involved.

It also similar to an eye roll orgasm, since AHEGAO involves eye rolling orgasm and latley camsluts from FreeBestCams.net, chaturbate and MFC have been putting vibrating panties and make people tip and they start shaking like a demon possession, doing eye roll orgasms and ahegao type orgasms for more money and yes, it's a turn on.
Guy: Just saw this camslut rolling her eyes and getting possed by a demon on a camsite.
Guy 2: Sounds like an ahegao! She had that stupid facial orgasm?
Guy: Yep, pretty stupid.
by Eye Roll Orgasm December 17, 2018
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An Eye Roll Orgasm is a powerful mega super sayan orgasm that (mostly) females get when they are in a moment of pleasure. It is an orgasm that is so strong your eyes roll back and you become dumb. Eye rolling orgasm, eye roll orgasm and ahegao are mostly used to exaplin the situation. If you are dumb enough to still not understand then check out www.eyerollorgasm.com
Guy: Hey buddy!

Guy 2: hey dude, how the sex went with bec?
Guy: SHIT WAS CRAZY! She had an eye roll orgasm and started rolling around the place, I gave her the biggest orgasm of her life.
Guy 2: Damn nice bro!
by Eye Roll Orgasm December 17, 2018
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