A reference given to someone who is particularly cheeky, fresh, or brash during a given period of time (see saucy).
Your friend must have gotten extra sauce this morning before criticizing my girlfriend's hairy legs.
by Mattski2 July 28, 2005
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Extremely foul smelling fart and slight ass juice for good measure
Oh snap, I passed one and then realized it was worse, a fart burger with extra shit sauce!
by godchef May 29, 2010
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An extension of weak sauce, an extreme nature of situations which is very chate. When it can be looked down upon as a failure, terrible, absolutely brutal in every way.
Your slap shot hit that blind kind, that's some extra mild weak sauce.

Arrested drunk in public... naked, that's some extra mild weak sauce.
by TickleMyTommo November 13, 2008
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