That which is exquisite
The exquisition of his music was impossible to describe.
by Melvid February 9, 2019
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A fancy way of saying fancy

(Mostly used by rich people because it's a ten dollar word)
Madam may I just tell you that your taste in wine is Exquisite
by Koliman September 10, 2020
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Beautiful Refined and a place to buy things that are
"You oughta see the stuff on"
by xqizit chez May 12, 2003
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Freeform word game.

Among Surrealist techniques exploiting the mystique of accident was a kind of collective collage of words or images called the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). Based on an old parlor game, it was played by several people, each of whom would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold the paper to conceal part of it, and pass it on to the next player for his contribution.

The technique got its name from results obtained in initial playing, "Le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau" (The exquisite corpse will drink the young wine). Other examples are: "The dormitory of friable little girls puts the odious box right" and "The Senegal oyster will eat the tricolor bread." These poetic fragments were felt to reveal what Nicolas Calas characterized as the "unconscious reality in the personality of the group" resulting from a process of what Ernst called "mental contagion."

We were bored at the coffee shop, so we made an exquisite corpse.
by Down10 June 18, 2004
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The pain of unrequited love - what you feel when you're infatuated, besotted, totally in love/lust with someone... and you are too scared to tell them, or they're not interested in you.
It's this exquisite pain that keeps me going back for more. I am so in love with him, but its impossible....
by katta August 17, 2008
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A way to describe someone who has reached the apex of sexual attractiveness.
Meredith is so beautiful she should be rated exquisitely fuckable.
by Τιμοθευς November 29, 2016
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