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Used on Writing websites such as AO3,asianfanfics and Wattpad.
Used to describe a relationship that hasn't been forced into a fictional situation, or romantic background.
Jin x RM is freeform because their relationship was just based off whatever was written with the flow of the story and wasn't written specifically about Namjin.
by LipSoul's Daughter January 04, 2019
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When you meet with someone without anyone knowing except you and the person.
by Timbs March 08, 2017
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the worst and most incompetent network on the planet
Freeform does not care about their audience, they just care about themselves but do not know how to make business decisions.
by AlexandersStele November 01, 2018
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Freeform: A new, evolved form of electronic music that branched out of hardcore in 1999, but wasn't a full on genre until about 2002. Freeform combines aspects from Acid, Goa, Drum and Bass, Gabber, and Old Skool. Its known for its fast beat, usually ranging from 175-185 BPM. Its thought of as psychedelic hardcore, or a more intellectual form of hardcore (not refering to punk rock), being not chessy like happy hardcore but not as dark or hard as Gabber Orgin - United Kingdom
Artist include AMS, Kevin Energy, Robbie Long, Panacea, Luna-C, Uplift.
by DJ Holva February 20, 2005
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The name that ABC Family decided to change to. Most people think they did this because they didn't want to be advertised as a FAMILY tv station.
ABC Family used to be better before they changed to freeform
by UrbanizedLife409 April 20, 2016
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To pass time without any set agenda.
S#!T, the reservation got cancelled, looks like we'll have to free form.
by Toad-ally cool February 14, 2009
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