A phrase used to imply frustration or annoyance when responding others. K is short for OK.
Ivan: Yo your dog Angus is dead
Jason: k explode you
by Somerandomsheep April 27, 2022
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OMFG did you hear that new tune it has #explodered!
by PAFZ October 21, 2018
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when you are very roasted or telling puns non-stop

person1: ur mom gay
person2: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *explodes*


person1: ur mom gay
person1: ur face shit
person1: ur so fat that you cant move ur fatty finger to answer me
person1: ur iq is negative
person1: *explodes*
person2: *cries intensifies*
by Nexasfexashit February 3, 2019
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Something that gives you such a great orgasm it makes your boner explode
-Arno: wow i just watched some porn it was great
-Jonathan: i just watched a boner exploder i can't breath
by Nietyoeri October 17, 2019
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Trip Adviser but it blows up the places you have been.
I meant to put my review on Trip Adviser but I accidentally posted it on Trip Exploder and the place I was reviewing exploding due to my bad review.
by Zapar496 December 17, 2017
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