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1. A wound caused by a bullet that goes through a part of the human body. Especially painful if caused by a hollow.
2. (pl) A very, very bad movie.
1. That hollow sure caused some nasty exit wounds ...

2. Man, I just watched Exit Wounds, and it was very, very bad. Exit wounds totally sucked.
by randomboy March 31, 2004
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(n.) the brown mark left behind in your underpants when the tip of a turd decides to slide out of your asshole, breach the ass cheek barrier, and scrape the cloth of your underpants.
fella #1: dude, my girlfriend was hogging the bathroom this morning before work and i really had to make duty. it was almost a disaster.
fella #2: you didn't crap your pants did you?
fella #1: no. when i finally got in the bathroom my underwear only had an exit wound in 'em. luckily, it wasn't a full blown shit fest.
fella #2: ...i would've just taken the dump in her shoes.
by fackyou2 September 17, 2009
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What happens at the end of a very very very strong curry.

Upon exit of the curry from the digestive system, a particularly potent meal the night before will result in pain in the exit area.

I can't put it any nicer
Dude, that vindaloo last night was dodgy. This morning I had exit wounds
by Thatoneoverhere May 04, 2008
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Synonym for the anus. The opening through which things exit the body.
I got shraped pretty badly this morning. I'm going to the doctor to have him examine my exit wound.

I asked my doctor about my exit wound and why it won't close. He said it's permanent and that there's nothing to do about it but to keep it clean.
by themiffinman October 24, 2014
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1. The effect of eating especially spicy food, as felt on one's anus when excreting 24-48 hrs later. 2. the aftereffects of any especially bowel-moving event in general, such as diarrhea or Indian food not spicy enough for the first definition.
The Thai place I hit for lunch and the Mexican one for dinner were awesome, but I am seriously dreading the exit wounds I'll have!!!!
by Javrel January 29, 2019
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