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when correcting someone with a precise fact, as in it is actually exactly . . .
Well Bill, it was exactually 12 days since you gave Marge a Cleveland Steamer
by DrFoot October 24, 2003
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A verbal mistake, when one accidentally and ironically fuses two contradictory words together, which in this case are 'exactly' and 'actually', thus creating a meaningless compound word. (Not to be confused with, 'It's actually', which sounds similar when spoken at a fast pace). Because of it's nature, when used, the word does not make clear whether or not the speaker means to continue or finish, since the word 'exactly' is usually a response which concludes an idea, and the word 'actually' signifies that there is more dialogue to come - therein lies the humour.
Person 1: 'Hey we should go to Henry's Coffee House for lunch.'

Person 2: 'No, it's way too expensive in there!'

Person 3: 'Exactually.'

Person 1: What? Did you mean 'exactly', or did you mean 'actually'? As in that you were going to suggest somewhere else instead?? You're not making any sense.

Person 3: Sorry! I meant 'exactly' but for some reason I had the word 'actually' in my head, and therefore said 'exactually' by accident! Sorry guys!
by Mr Rathausplatz December 19, 2016
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This word is a combination of the words exactly and actually. Used when it is unclear whether it is more appropriate to use exactly or actually, and/or it is best fit to use both simultaneously.
I am not exactually sure what this definition means.
by AW3$0M3$ September 20, 2005
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When a question is asked (in most cases to be a pompous douche) and expected to receive a wrong answer, but the correct answer is given instead.
-Ask question here-
*correct answer here*
Instead of responding: "Well, ACTUALLY...wait, that is exactly right," it would be: "Good golly! Exactually."
by helpfulishyfishy October 18, 2011
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A combination of the words "Actually" and "Exactly".
You use it as if to say "Thats exactly what i meant" even though it was something different to what you meant.
Person 1: 1+1 is 2 not 4 you cretin!
Person 2: Thats Exactually what i meant!
Person 1: Idiot.
by MPK Pimpin March 19, 2007
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a mixture of the word exactly and actually meaning to be exact and actual at the same time
boy: i dont think im going to it cause i think its lying to me
boy: and then it will lead to trouble
boy: and trouble=bad
boy: are you at your house because you dont have a profile
by qrable October 09, 2006
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