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I seem to have created a new word today. Evotically. The context I used it in was "while it is cooking we can drape ourselves EVOTICALLY over my bed and talk about everything" or something to that effect... It feels like a word that involves 'provocative', 'invoke', 'erotic' and...well thats all I came up with really...very evocative....
She walked across the room and danced evotically before the lizard king.
by jadeosaurusrex October 14, 2007
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Evotically : a colloquialism from the region of The central tablelands .Meaning the act of hedonistic multi tasking .For instance ,eating ,procreating,drinking to excess all at the same time and in large quantities whilst filming the whole thing on webcam...
" wow that over eaters anonymous video we made went off !clearly finding the right candidates who could perform Evotically enough was the key ,hedonistic alcoholic big gals galore! Good job Barry there's a Xmas bonus in it for you what a stellar orgy of sin.."
by Smuggoth March 04, 2013
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