-An ordinary person or character who overcomes extraordinary odds and circumstances to reach his goal;

-To overcome something impossible or challenging. (Coined as a verb from backloggery.com);

-Something shouted or cheered when a gamer is in a tight spot in his game, as a sort of audible good luck charm for the player. (Also coined from backloggery.com)
1. Person A: "Did you hear about that guy who killed 30 gators with his bare hands?"
Person B: "Yeah, he's a real everyman."

2. Person C: "Aw yeah, I everyman'd that final exam. 100%, no studying or cheating involved."

3. *Person D sees that Person E has almost killed the boss, but has very little health left himself*
Person D: "Everymaaan!"
by BroFin October 10, 2009
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An everyman is an everyday person who accomplishes an extraordinary task. This can be destroying a single army armed only with bare hands or a pistol.
Lance was the everyman who just defeated the entire invading alien force with just an assault rifle.
by Paladin356 October 10, 2009
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Everyman is a human-shaped figure spawned from Reaper Bird that his head is eaten by butterflies. Poor Everyman.
Person 1: Do you feel bad for Everyman?
Person 2: Yes, just like all of the other Amalgamates.
by MEMEry_Head-323 November 11, 2017
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A band that rights basic and generic songs that pretty much everyone and anyone can relate too. Usually found in the pop/rock catergory. Can be used positivley or negativley.

Postive use:

Guy 1: I really like Daughtry's song, Home.
Guy 2: Who wouldn't? There such a great everyman band.

Negative use:
Guy 1: Did you get Nickelback's new album?
Guy 2: *scoffs* Ha. I wouldn't spend a nickel on that crappy everyman band.
by Becks Grevau November 20, 2007
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A character that the Cabbie Homicide author coined when he does metafiction and real person fiction at his own expense as he does the style known as Real Person Horror (there are rules in the form as don't kill the real person off because they might have a sick fuck inspired by this. See stalker as those who are MarySue might wonder if this is a variation of the development. The character is usually had some college or self-educated (ie attended a community college) and well versed in unexplored subject matter as the roots come from Western Philosophy. As this is often stems from the roots of Amateur Sleth and Philosophical literature; as it's an archtype drawn from problem novels and modeled after Wes Craven's research for material sometimes coming up with subject matter from the same source material but not plagiarism. The character is modeled from Richard Matheson's horror output as he uses real places and real neighborhoods -- a variation of the badass normal coined by TVTropes. The character is a blue collar but transplanted into academia as the origins come from GlendaleHeights and CarolStream. Such characters are a combination of book and street smart as the character is common with urban fiction.
What is an Educated Everyman? The heavy metal pastor who weighed in on the King James Only Movement is the archetype for this character when they're much older. TVTropes would consider the archetype of the Greek philosopher Aesop but minus the funny talking animals. What ever you do, just don't steal their walkman in Cabrini Green because they will give you chase at full sprint.
by illinoishorrorman February 13, 2018
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