1 definition by BroFin

-An ordinary person or character who overcomes extraordinary odds and circumstances to reach his goal;

-To overcome something impossible or challenging. (Coined as a verb from backloggery.com);

-Something shouted or cheered when a gamer is in a tight spot in his game, as a sort of audible good luck charm for the player. (Also coined from backloggery.com)
1. Person A: "Did you hear about that guy who killed 30 gators with his bare hands?"
Person B: "Yeah, he's a real everyman."

2. Person C: "Aw yeah, I everyman'd that final exam. 100%, no studying or cheating involved."

3. *Person D sees that Person E has almost killed the boss, but has very little health left himself*
Person D: "Everymaaan!"
by BroFin October 10, 2009
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