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evelin is so nice ur so lucky if u meet this girl she's might be a little annoying but she is nice and evelin is such a bestfriend i am telling you guys cause i have a bestfriend name evelin and trust me she so nice and someone i can strust she will always have my back and if u read this i will never forget that ur so a great friend
evelin is so nice beauiful and lucky if this girl is your bestfriend
by yasman paul i dont know January 31, 2018
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The most beautiful and intelligent girl on the face of the earth. She is damn near perfect in everyway. She can cook, clean, dresses great, and knows how to keep her man happy. Shes sweet caring and no one can ever be like her. She loves haters, and doesnt give a crap what you think about her. She is the best wifey in the world and the guy who married her is the luckiest man in the world.
That guy is so lucky, Evelin loves him.
I wish i would have been better to Evelin, then she'd still be mine.
by bejealousbitch September 09, 2009
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Evelin is usually a homie hopper and she always tries having something special with her boy bestfriends like WTF? she may think that she pulls all these boys only the ugly ones though for most of the time She’s flat and usually lives in the Bay
Some guy: “Yo evelin tried giving me head last night but I did not let her because she’s a damn homie hopper, fucking hoe lol.”
Another guy: “Dude I already know lmao.”
by Yuhhhhdigggggg September 24, 2018
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