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a young actress who is known for being sweet and loving. a name of german and latin decent.
Everyone loves an Eveline. :)
by Pencilcrayon June 14, 2009
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a gorgeous girl. very beautiful. enjoys playing sports, generally an all-around good person.
I wish I was like an Eveline, they're so cool. every loves them.
by Pencilcrayon June 15, 2009
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She is a quiet, shy girl. She could seem mean or unapproachable, but is actually really nice and chill. She is really smart and talented, but she could also be really lazy. She is really pretty but believes she is ugly. Everyone needs an Eveline in their life.
Person 1: Omg did Eveline send you a party invite?
Person 2: Totally! She is so nice she sent one to everyone!
by Elo.766 January 07, 2019
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Eveline, the one girl who acts like an angel but is actually a devil. Once she hates you she’ll always be a sassy bitch and you’ll definitely hate her back. If she’s your friend she’ll listen to whatever you say without stating her opinions. She doesn’t care about school and isn’t very smart either. She looks shy but online she can get very mean, she’s two faced. She doesn’t have very many friends and follows anybody who she thinks is her friend. She’s the type of girl who doesn’t care about losing friends but needs to have a friend to follow and hang out with. Also, she doesn’t care about boys either. If you’re friends with her you’ll think she’s nice and all because she’ll do whatever you say, but she’s actually a fake friend.
Dude she didn’t even care when her best friend was crying, her name must’ve been Eveline.
by someone424 May 26, 2018
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