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To be ethno-scene is to be into something that is not only really cool, popular and fashionable, but also very ethnic, or of exotic in culture. This just ups it "level of cool" to over 9000.

An ethno-scene kid probably enjoys:
-pho (Vietnamese soup)
-boba (tapioca drinks and milk teas)
-anything that seems exotic, particularly asian or middle eastern.

Ethno-scene is probably caused by the popularity of being liberal, open minded, and culturally accepting. It's found most often in Caucasian people, who want to reach out to a new culture, but ultimately only because it's cool to do so.

Ethno-scenesters enjoy spouting the names of foreign foods and actives, and saying "Oh my god! You've never tried/heard of it?!" And touting the fact that they have.

They're willing to try anything once if it seems ethnic and exotic, and thus cool. This makes them susceptible to eating things that would generally be considered nasty, like bugs or animal organs, and even if they don't necessarily like it, they'll say that it's the best thing ever.

ie tripe (stomach lining) in pho. While pho is actually tasty to even the least exotic peoples, adding tripe makes it 100 times cooler, because it's disgusting, but eaten in other cultures.
"Hey, they have hookah at the coffee shop now!"
"Aw man, if they just served pho, boba, and -insert ethnic food or activity here-, we'd be set! ...Aw man, when'd I become so ethno-scene?"
by AvJen August 04, 2009
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