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groups of women with highly concentrated levels of estrogen, usually peaks at baby showers and store openings
"dude that party was an estrofest there were eleven girls, and they wanted to watch romey and michelles high school reunion, at which point I bailed
by Blake Forestation May 11, 2007
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A situation devoid of male influence. Boxes of Kleenex, Oprah and tear-filled confessions intermingle with hugs and handicrafts purchased at Pottery Barn. "Dishing" seems to be the most popular activity at an estrofest. Balanced budgets and letting the mind overpower the heart are conspicuously absent from such gatherings. Typical estrofest buzzwords tend to include "cycle", "biological clock" and "spotting". The opposite of a sausagefest.
My wife had her friends over last night. What a freakin' estrofest! They drank mimosas and dished about their significant others. There was so much rampant emotion in the room. Now where's the Kleenex? I could have sworn we bought a six pack of boxes last Tuesday!
by Birky Teppo March 25, 2009
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A yearly festival in western Michigan involving only women (and the occasional gay man), with a yearly theme. (Ex. 80's prom, rave, etc.)

Lots of booze and ladylike love going on!
Decorations include banners made of bras and panties.

Men are allowed only under the pretense that they are slaves of some sort, cooking, cleaning or beer wenching.
Dude I can't wait for estrofest this year, last year's prom was awesome!
by Ashmo and Katiemematie July 09, 2011
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