A group of people who decided to give games a content rating to prevent people under the age of 17 from playing games that people over 17 have no interest in. It is their belief that the level of maturity of a person is based solely on how many times the earth has rotated around the sun during their lifespan.
16 year and 364 day old person: Hi. I want to buy GTA San Andreas.

cashier: can I see some ID please.

16 year and 364 day old person:sure
cashier: oh I'm sorry you are not 17 yet. I can't sell you this game because it is rated M for mature and you are not mature enough to handle the blood, violence, and sexual content of this game. Please have a parent come and help you buy it.
by dimsum88 January 24, 2005
There's a gun here. must be ruining children.

Hey. half life has blood. My empty head says valve should be punished and lose money for that.
by masterchief.104 August 17, 2005
A outdated group of sheltered individuals that view gaming as evil. Their job is to hurt game publishers that release great games. They say they are trying to attach what they "feel" is their opinion on who the games are meant for. * Tho it's been said by gamers that games are meant for GAMERS. Age should have nothing to block if a gamer wants to play a certain game. Yet they continue to hurt the industry and DUMB DOWN and NEUTER games with extreme ratings.

A modification was made for GTA : San Andreas. TAKE2 did not create this mod. PC GAMERS made this mod for PC GAMERS. But the ESRB and Hillary Cliton went after TAKE2, punishing them. Calling it a scandal, tho the real scandal was Monica Lewinsky giving oral mouth jobs to President Bill Clinton. Good job Hillary! May 06, the most recent attempts at communism by the ESRB was the slapping of a Mature rating to Oblivion : The Elder Scrolls game. A mod was created that allowed models to be topless. NOTE : This was created by gamers for gamers. In no way did anyone working for Bethseda have a hand in creating this modifcation. This was for the PC. In doing so the ESRB has declared outright war against the MODDING Community. Games such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, DOTA :WC3, Red Orchestra, BF:Desert Ops, and other mods. The ESRB is attacking gamers at the heart of gaming whom make games and or modify games they purchase and share with other like minded gamers.

In light of this COMMUNIST GROUPS evil intentions to rid the world of gaming. One must STAY CLEAR of this organization and completely ignore their asinine comments and announcements.
by Ranma Saotome '98 MVHS May 4, 2006
The esrb hates everyone and everything game related and they should get a actual job that actually helps people
by DravenXkilla January 2, 2018
Now let's face it,the ESRB is horrible.They have way too much power.Why do you have to be 17 to buy M Rated game?!You'd think it would make sense at first,but wait;I started playing M Rated games when I was 15,and I'm just fine with it.Another thing is,if a company gets an AO rating,they have to sell in adult shop.WTF?!It's not like I would drive to a porn shop to buy Manhunt 2.
by ArmyN64 February 28, 2010
A group of DOUCHEBAGS that give games total overkill ratings. They make a "guideline" that retricts everything. FUCK ESRB they think that kids who are 12 can't handle cartoonish graphics violence (team fortress 2) They base the maturaty of an age group on a bunch of kids with an IQ of 60. GO DIE ESRB. They should be sued all at once by Rockstar, Valve, Bungie, Take 2, Activision, IGN. Hopefully they will file for banrupcy, then suicide. Then the world would be a better place when minors can play FUN games. Then ESRB would go to hell for avoiding game publishers to get money. FUCK ESRB
Me: Mum, can I buy Team Fortress 2?
Mum: No
Me; How come?
mum:because it is rated M
Me: but...
mum: ESRB SAID SO!!!!
by Derek445 April 27, 2008
the people that screwed everybody out of good video gaming. they think that every game is bad but really they had silicon and twizzlers implanted into their brains as children so no wonder they think every game destroys the minds of children. and the hell is up with minors not being able to buy mature games? ESRB totally sucks ass and should be destroyed immediately as they are the ones who jip innocent gaming companies like Rockstar games out of their well deserved money
ESRB is just trying to keep money out of great developers like rockstar
by PlayDohMan July 17, 2004