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espo is a graffiti writer whose origins reign from the great city of philadelphia. he is one of the greatest writers to date (starting in the 80s) and is as influential to the graffiti world as the legendary cornbread and "mr" seen.

never afraid to show his face or piece in the afternoon on store fronts, he served his share of time in jail. he now has a shoe deal with nike, but still has new pieces all over the US...from philly dallas. STAY UP PAPA ES!
Espo, or Papa Es is one of the boldest writers around.
by sojurner September 12, 2004
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the coolest kid ever to look like aaron carter nd jesse Mccartney wit huge eyebrows
WOW! Is that jesse Mccartney or Aaron Carter? Nope only Espo
by espo March 11, 2005
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Short for Espanola, Ontario, Canada. Best known for it's Paper Mill with its unforgettable and unusual odour. Also refered to as Shittown by many of the local kids.
I've gotta go back to Espo for the summer. I'm gonna have to get use to the smell all over again.

I'm from Espo. Does it look like I'm from Spain?
by K.M May 13, 2006
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An acronym, instant message slang meaning Eat Shit Piece of Shit
Boy: ur such a slut
Girl: espos
by Anonymous April 25, 2004
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