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eshan is a word used to describe somebody of indian heritage, but only the sweetest of indian's can merrit this title. they are also occasionally alcoholics.
White Kid: Mihir Mukherjoe is a total eshan. he has banged every girl in our grade.
other kid: yeah, but ahmna is not, he isn't cool enough to be an eshan.
by bob hero February 14, 2008
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The one kid in your life that is one of the smartest kids in your grade but is really quiet. Also happens to be really good at video games and seems to destroy you in every game you play.
Boy: Hey did u see Eshan’s new video where he made a montage of every time he killed streamers
Other boy: yeah when I watched I was dying of laughter and I thought that was one of the most funny things I have ever watched
by Jeremy the pp November 28, 2018
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Asian pop culture, usually only used by actual asians or wannebes
asian friend: lets go eshan shopping in market city ><
friend: sorry, i cant, im white :(
by kit_kat_paddywhack :D May 13, 2006
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a word to be directed at anyone who has the smallest balls and is trash at any sport and wants attention
by thetrutthhhhhh November 30, 2018
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