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Eshal is a very kind girl. She is a pretty, beautiful and nice girl. Eshal is always trying to help others and try to make them feel better. Eshal is very, very beautiful and she has the most amazing smile EVER!! Overall, she is a pretty, amazing and attractive girl.
Eshal is the most prettiest girl ever!
by DAVID_122 March 02, 2018
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Eshal, the name give to beautiful human being, she is kind and puts others befor her selves. 'Eshal' is an Arabic name that means- 'flower in paradise'
My good friend is called Eshal.
by GALAXYGIRL April 15, 2017
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If your name is Eshal your the luckiest person in the world you are beautiful, awesome, kind, responsible, respectful and loyal. Every guy can fall in love with you easily, you have the prettiest eyes and lips. Every friend of Eshal's is really special. Eshal means "flower of paradise". She smells awesome you can't deny to not be friends with her she too kind and sweet to be rejected. She is absolutely awesome and pretty no one can beat her beauty.
Boy : OMG! Eshal you look so pretty

Eshal: Thanks very much!
by AvengeMan June 02, 2018
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