A knife or dagger; racist term reffering to a perceived propensity of hispanic individuals to carry these.
Dont be fucking with that fool, hes known to carve out fools faces with an ese.
by Nizzle St.Grizzle May 10, 2006
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Term used mainly by Mexicans and Latin-Americans to reffer to somebody else.

Like saying "bro" or "my g", "wassgud ese" is just another way of saying so.
"Ese" meaning "that one" in Spanish, it's originally used to point someone out but later

evolved into a more colloquial term.
"aye bro, watchu doin out here mane ain't u supposed to be in the casa for the carne asada??"
"yea ese I'll be there in a bit lemme just get some shit from the store u feel?"
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by MeloCello May 21, 2019
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