Any illegal narcotic or drug, but most commonly used as another name for methamphetamine made with anhydrous ammonia chemicals.
"There are a lot drug users looking to score some epod in town"
by shane March 27, 2004
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terminology used when speaking about dope amongst non-dopers. Spelling out the word dope backwards.
"Hey Floyd, you got the epod?"
by BarnMac May 09, 2008
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epic in a odd way or odd in a epic manner
Wow that guys hat is so epodic.
What a epodic day.
by Fritz Hollamann April 28, 2010
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Eat Pussy Or Die. A tattoo on some juggalo bitch. God I hate juggalos.
"Yo look at dis tat; EPOD. EAT PUSSY OR DIE BABY"
by Rachel Von Waldo November 04, 2006
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What you call you iPod, when it is loaded with Techno, Trance and Rave music. It is referred to as an ePod because the owners of these so called, ePods take Extacy, also known as E.
Hey do you know where my ePod is? Im doing E with my friends tonight.
by Nicholas Narcotic October 02, 2007
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EPOD is an acronym for eat penis or dick. Originated in Reno, Nevada Epod is considered a lifestyle.
EPOD is an underground clothing.
by BigdickddyfmNOrtherNV September 04, 2020
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