Idealistic idiots who are should all be rounded up and burned, or just shot on sight. (also see hippie)
"environmentalists love to have sex with trees"
by whey face May 26, 2003
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Environmentalist are heartless opinionated bastards that don't give a crap about any one else but themselves, according to whom cycling is preventing hikers from "enjoying quiet solitude and serenity".
Environmentalist 1: "Lets go make a scene for no reason"
Environmentalist 2: "Sure what you wanna do?"
Environmentalist 1: "Why not file a law suit to screw over bikers making 168 miles of Montana's trail into 60 miles just for the hell of it?"
Environmentalist 2: "Sounds like a good time..."
by ChilledFantom August 14, 2010
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a wonderful human being that cares for nature and wildlife - or just nature in general .

in short, Leonardo Dicaprio.
man Leonardo Dicaprio is such an environmentalist! he's so cool *-*
by tfm8-chan June 10, 2016
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