gothic finnish rock band. Similar to H.I.M., 69 eyes and the Rasmus. They're actually kinda cool.
Wow entwine 's new video "New Dawn" is really good, Mika Tauriainen looks way hot!
by maxichic February 20, 2006
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Entwined Chaos are a 5 piece metal band, from Whitehaven, Cumbria, formed in summer 2007 by Scurr (lead guitar) and Ice (drums). Beast (rhythm guitar) joined a couple of weeks later followed by Casson (Bass) and after a few auditions they found Pimp (Vocals). The songs currently up are the bands demos and should form an EP later this year. a popular venue to witness the awsomeness that is entwined chaos would be the 3 tuns located also in whitehaven.
i went to see entwined chaos last night they rocked so hard
by Dmagee April 20, 2008
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The dutch entwinement is when a man cums on another persons face (man or women) and the other licks it from around their mouth. They then scrap the rest of the cum off and masturbate with it until they cum. After they have both persons cum in their hand they finger blast the others mouth with each others cum that has been entwined into one cum
Jack just did a dutch entwinement with Terry
by Twerkplays February 03, 2014
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Quantum entwinement occurs when you think of someone and they are with you.
Jane thought of a friend and for a moment they had quantum entwinement.
by fred ressler April 09, 2017
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